Custom Videos for Your Practice

Video is one of the most effective mediums when it comes to sharing a message and selling a product. Not only can people see and hear the message simultaneously, but they can also feel emotion through the style of video, and most purchases are made on emotion, NOT logic.

That’s why we are now offering custom videos to help them sell your services online and in your practice.

Videos can be customized to match your dental practice logo colors, add your logo, say your practice by name in multiple places, list the practice contact information, and much more.

These videos are typically between one and two minutes (which has been proven to be an effective length of video for capturing and maintaining the interest of your viewers) and are customized to meet you needs beyond the items listed above.

Many of our clients are interested in selling high-value services such as dental implants, orthodontics, endo, and more. Our videos can be developed to sell one particular treatment, service, or product, or they can be to promote the entire practice.

Take a look at the samples, below. The cost varied depending on the requirements, but typically range between $500 and $2500.


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