Tooth Chart

Meridian Tooth Chart App Get the Tooth Meridian Chart App on the App Store by clicking here This app is designed for alternative health care practitioners and their patients who are interested in discovering the links between teeth and other parts of the body.

About This Tooth Meridian Chart:
It has long been believed that every body part — organs, tissues, glands, etc. — lie on a specific acupuncture meridian (energy channels or pathways). Each tooth is related to body parts by way of these meridians. In this way, our teeth are interconnected with the rest of our body. This chart is designed to help you discover which teeth lie on the same meridian with specific body parts and are, therefore, most directly connected.

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Viral Testimonial Generator

Business and Marketing app for iPad Get the Viral Testimonial Generator App on the App Store by clicking here Viral Testimonial Generator leverages the power of Facebook to capture and spread comments from happy customers before they ever leave your building!

***NOTE: To maximize the power of this app, you need a WordPress site!***

Before a happy customer leaves your building, present this app and ask if he/she would mind providing a quick review. If they give you a five-star rating, it prompts them to leave a testimonial. If they don’t, it thanks them and returns to the home screen.

This app allows happy customers, clients, and patients to take a picture of themselves, write a brief testimonial, and post it to their Facebook page for all their friends to see how much they liked your business.

It also automatically posts the testimonial to your WordPress-based website in a Testimonials category. AND, if you have a plugin on your website to auto-post new posts to your business Facebook page, it will post your testimonial to YOUR Facebook page, as well.

So, in summary, this app has the power to:

  • Captures testimonials from happy customers before they leave and forget
  • Posts their happy comments to their Facebook page (if they choose)
  • Posts their happy comments to your WordPress website
  • Posts their happy comments to your business Facebook page

Leverage the power of a happy customer, viral marketing, and social media all in one powerful app! Viral Testimonial Generator.

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