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Jared Young -- Dental Marketing Expert

Jared Young


Jared Young has a degree in Writing and a pedigree in helping small businesses thrive in any economy, especially dentists.

Working in marketing and consulting for 15 years, Jared has helped oversee the development of several multi-million dollar dental practices, including his own. Jared has held almost every position in a dental practice and brings a unique perspective as a marketing expert and former practice owner.

In addition to his marketing skills, Jared brings 12 years experience in web development, in which time he has developed some of the highest ranking dental websites in the world.

After working as a journalist and a technical writer in college, Jared turned to marketing. He was given an opportunity to learn from a master of marketing in Bend, Oregon. He spent five years learning his craft by managing the marketing department of a multimillion dollar company. He was able to learn under the tutelage of Dan Kennedy, Michael Jans, Charlie Cook, and more.

After a five year run in corporate marketing, Jared branched off on his own. He taught seminars at the Chamber of Commerce, consulted with small business owners, and launched a small business listing service that generated over 50,000 page hits on it’s website in one day. One of his consulting jobs was with Dr. Marvin Pantangco, a dentist in California. In 2008 the two joined forces full-time at The Center for Natural Dentistry.

Jared has successfully launched and sold multiple business in multiple industries. He learned first-hand what it takes to not only build a successful company, but also how to teach others to launch successful companies. He is the rare marketing “expert” who speaks from experience and has the results to back up his claims. Dentistry is a very competitive field, and many dentists are at a disadvantage because they were not taught how to successfully market their practice while they were in school… Jared’s goal is to fix that and help more dentists grow their practice so they can focus less on the bottom line and more on patient care.

Holistic Dentist and Marketing Expert

Dr. Marvin Pantangco

Dr. Marvin:

Dr. Marvin is a successful, practicing GP in Encinitas, California. After graduating from The Ohio State in 2000, he taught at the University of Texas and opened his first practice in San Antonio. Within a few years, he had successfully built — and sold — his first multimillion dollar practice.

While moving his family to first Chicago and then San Diego, Dr. Marvin studied marketing and holistic medicine. He successfully launched a line of Natural Dental products (BreathDr mouthwash, breath spray, and tongue scrapers), which appeared on QVC, in dental practices, and online.

After several years of studying marketing and how to apply it in dentistry, he opened his first holistic dental practice: The Center for Natural Dentistry. With just one dentist, fee for service (no direct bill for insurance), and no implant services, the practice crossed the million dollar threshold in just over a year — all during a down economy (the practice was opened in 2009).

Dr. Marvin now focuses on teaching other dentists how to apply the marketing lessons he has learned in their practice, helping dentists all over the world achieve success they only imagined while in dental school. While he works with both traditional and holistic dentists, he particularly enjoys working with dentists who are interested in transforming their practice to a more holistic approach. With his background as a GP, he is uniquely positioned to help dentists from a point of EXPERIENCE — helping others avoid the mistakes he made and capitalize on his successes.

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