Our Ultimate Everyday Intraoral Camera – Claris i4D

If you’re looking for a good intraoral camera, your search should start and end with the Claris i4D from Sota Imaging. Solid hardware with great clarity backed by a good company at a great price… those are all the ingredients for an easy decision.

For a full review of why we like the Claris IO camera, please take a look at the video, below! — Scroll down for a transcript of today’s show.

——– Transcript Of Today’s Show ——–

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In dentistry you need to have an intraoral camera. I’m Dr. Marvin Pantangco. This is bigdiastema.com. Today I’m going to show you SOTA Imaging’s Claris Intraoral Camera.

Here it is; it’s called the i4D. It’s a really nice camera. It’s USB. We connect it straight into our unit and it goes straight into our computer. It has a manual focus right around here, and it’s very easy to press the button. It has a cover, it has a very bright LED, and best of all, it has a very clear picture. One of the other features I like about this is that it has a software program that is very easy to use. If you’ve ever used any software imaging programs in the past, you know that they sometimes don’t work, they’re very cumbersome, and they’re not very easy to use. That’s why I chose this. I’ve been looking around for a lot of different cameras out there, and this is the one I chose, because it is the best value for the money.

This camera company has been around doing optics since 1987, so they’re not going anywhere. I’ve met the owners themselves. I’m here to tell you they are very committed, not only to the software company, but also to the imaging themselves. This company was the OEM provider or the manufacturer for a lot cameras that you’ve seen out through the years, and now they’ve started developing their own. I’m going to tell you, this is a top notch, five star camera.

So if you’re looking for a cheap camera that isn’t cheap, gives you great quality, and can actually sell you the dentistry because you get to show the patients what’s actually going on, then this is the camera for you. It’s the Claris i4D. You can get it from your distributors.

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