Search Engines: Getting Your Dental Practice Website Ranked

Search Engine Optimization allows for your dental website site to be found not only by people, but also by major search engines, such as Google. When people are looking for a Dentist, if they never see your practice, they are unable to become one of your patients. But what is the magic behind SEO for dentists? How do you get your site ranked well in Google? How do you get to the top of the search engines… and stay there?

SEO for dentists is not rocket science. Yes, it is vital, but with today’s technology, you can jump to the head of the class WITHOUT paying for an “SEO expert” to get your dental website ranked.

In this weblog episode we go over SEO for dentists, specifically getting your website ranking within search engines.


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— Transcript —

The tactics that we use to get higher search engine rankings are really two different tactics.  One tactic is making your website found, and we do that by constructing a website that we can add a lot of content to.  The second tactic is to actually do ongoing internet marketing to drive people to your website, or to the areas where you are located.  That means your facebook page or your youtube channel. We use all these avenues because that’s where the patients are, and that’s where the patients will find you.

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