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Tired of Patients Emailing You Directly? Try this strategy…

This is going to be a quick post on a strategy I just had applied to me today that I was impressed with and saw great potential for any dentist tired of having patients contact them directly.

The “Personal and Cold Strategy”

I’m calling this the “Personal and Cold” strategy because it shows both a personal touch while simultaneously being cold and telling patients you don’t have time for them. It’s short, simple, and effective. Works great for an autoresponder when you do marketing emails or just about any other time you want to pass a patient off to your front office (as you should). It’s a time saver without being a turn off.

The Back Story:

I received a solicitation email that had enough personal touches to justify a response. I saw through the marketing ploy but truly appreciated the approach and strategy, so I responded. I got a response about 15 minutes later that said this:

The Email:

Hey Jared,

Great!  Thanks for getting back to me.

My schedule is slammed.  So, I’ve CC’d my marketing manager who can schedule a quick call to discuss details and share our upcoming projects.

Look forward to hearing from you.

How You Can Use It:

Create a canned response in Gmail (or whatever email system you use) that says almost exactly what I got:

Hi {FirstName},

Thanks for the reply!

My schedule is slammed with patients, so I’ve CC’d my office manager who can schedule a quick call to help you out and get you on our calendar.

Look forward to speaking with you.

I hope that gives you an “out” that also builds relationships with your patients moving forward!

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