Dental Practice Website Reviews: Sherri Scott, DDS

I.)  Numbers

A.)  Domain authority score is a significant factor in determining your site’s performance on search engines.  Yours is 23, which is about average.

B.)  Your average site load time is between two and three seconds.  

  1. Load speed is an important factor to SEO also.  While yours has a little room for improvement, it’s not bad and probably isn’t hurting you at this point.

C.)  You have pretty good keyword usage in your existing content.  Right now your site is in spots 4 – 10 for search results using your main keywords in Century City, CA.

  1. That’s probably not quite where you want to be in order to drive significant new patient traffic to your practice, but it is certainly within striking distance.
  2. You’re definitely doing better with keywords related to cosmetic dentistry, and that appears to be an intended focus for your site, so that’s a good thing.  
  3. You have a lot of good keywords in your list of bullet points at the bottom of the home page, but they aren’t adding much SEO value because they don’t appear in context with other original content.  This is also leaving a lot of blank space, which is something you always want to avoid.

a.)  I suggest giving each of these items a subheading or a descriptive paragraph right away.  Over time it would be good to convert each bullet point to a link leading to a full page article on each subject, like the items in your services menu.  

D.)  Google made changes to their search algorithms at the beginning of this summer, placing a lot more emphasis on a site’s mobile compatibility.  

  1. Your site does have some issues with mobile compatibility.  You may have already taken a bit of a hit to your search results, but this issue will  be of greater concern as mobile friendliness inevitably becomes an increasingly significant factor in search algorithms.  
  2. Your mobile viewport is not set, and your content is not in a format that adapts well to smaller screen size.  Because of this, most mobile devices really struggle to load this site.  

a.)  This also causes your font and links to be compressed if the site does load, making it very difficult to read and navigate.

b.)  Over half of all internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, so this is a serious user functionality issue in addition to an SEO issue.


II.)  Homepage and Presentation

A.)  I found what I believe to be a hidden gem on your site.  Your ‘About Us’ section has some very good introductory information that is loaded with keywords.  

  1. In order to maximize the SEO value of this keyword-rich, original content, I’d strongly recommend putting it on your homepage.  It may be a good idea to add Century City to the first paragraph after Dr. Sherri Scott’s Dental Office, but other than that I would use the text as is.

a.)  I still recommend keeping your bullet point content on the homepage, implementing the changes I recommended earlier.  

  1. I suggest using the introductory paragraphs that are currently on your homepage as the start to your ‘About Us’ page.  Rather than the bullet points list, you could add content that features your staff, your amenities, your technology, or any combination of those things.  That free space is well suited for text, image, or video content.

B.)  Your existing content is very good overall.  My main recommendation with regard to content would simply be to post a lot more of it.  You could stand to have a lot more text about the services you offer, but the text you do have is of good quality.  It’s mostly original content, which is great.  

  1. Some of it appears to be spun content derived from other sites, but that’s a very common practice when discussing generic topics and can still add value when it’s done effectively.
  2. I’d definitely suggest more image and video content, but I really like that you didn’t use stock images.  What you did use is obviously relevant to your practice, which makes a big difference in the impression received by potential new patients visiting your site.  

C.)  You have a little bit of redundancy in the titles of the heading links on your homepage.  This detracts from organization and is a bit confusing to the reader.

  1. I recommend eliminating the ‘Services’ tab in your heading.  Your main services categories are already represented by the other links in your heading.  Everything under your services tab falls into one of those three categories.  Moving them into drop down menus for these respective tabs will improve organization.  It will also increase mobile compatibility by leaving more space for the remaining links.  

D.)  One thing you are missing is a FAQ page.  This is a good place to answer questions that you commonly receive from new patients.  Many practices include their financing and insurance information there, if they don’t already have a page dedicated to that elsewhere.  

E.)  I also strongly suggest adding a section for patient testimonials and any positive press you may receive.  Testimonials are not only an easy way to add valuable content, they are also great for building trust and peace of mind with prospective new patients.  

F.)  The rest of your presentation is excellent.  The aesthetic of the site is sharp, professional and modern.  

G.)  It’s important to remember that even the best content won’t continue to bring you the same results forever, even if the information remains up-to-date.  Continually adding to and updating your content is an absolutely vital aspect not only to increasing the value of your website, but also maintaining its existing value.

  1. You want to be sure to use a site hosting format that allows you to easily add content, either by posting articles to a patient education section, or adding articles that are accessible through your existing links and tabs.  

H.)  There is no quick fix to optimizing the value and effectiveness of your website.  If there was, it would quickly be discovered, exploited, and rendered obsolete.  While I admit the recommendations I’ve made today can be laborious and time consuming to implement, they are relatively simple in concept.  I am confident that these basic improvements to your website would dramatically increase the number of new patients it brings to you on a monthly basis.   

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