Dental Practice Website Review: Reflect Dental

I.)  Homepage

A.)  Great modern layout and color scheme.

  1. The layout makes sense, and the order of things is very intuitive.  

B.)  The verbiage and headings of your homepage establish that you are a general practice family dentist with a wide variety of cosmetic options, but you also offer some commonly searched products and services that are not listed on your homepage.  

  1. Preventative dentistry, mouthguards, metal-free fillings, and Invisalign are all things that you have linked to their own pages at the top, so they should definitely be in the main body of your homepage.
  2. Put the phrase “from toddlers to grandparents” under the family related heading.  A lot of families with young kids will be immediately looking for information on your policy regarding children.
  3. Remember, there are a large number of family dentists dentists who offer cosmetic services at one level or another.  Your primary focus should be setting yourself apart from the pack, both from a patient perspective standpoint and an SEO standpoint.  

C.)  You have plenty of room for specific content.  

  1. There is a gap between the bottom of your images on the right and the bottom of the body of text, creating empty space.  
  2. Your images on the right are great, but your biggest opportunity is the feature banner at the top of the page.  Stock images are visual white noise.  Both the images and the statements that accompany them are highly generic, and it’s the first thing people see when coming to your site.  

a.)  I suggest replacing those slides with actual images from your office, descriptions of the technology, customer testimonials, or photos of results you’ve obtained for other patients.  


II.)  Services

A.)  Good comprehensive list of services offered.  Each page has a lot of content, which helps patient perception.  

B.)  The main problem with the content is that it’s completely canned.  The text on almost any page can be found verbatim on countless other dental practice websites.  Your content doesn’t have to be revolutionary, but it should be original.

  1. This creates a reasonable likelihood that prospective patients who are shopping around will find the exact same content on your competitor’s page.  
  2. More importantly, the content is virtually useless for search engine optimization (SEO), because it’s all been copied and pasted all over the internet a few hundred times.

C.)  The content is static.  A dynamic, frequently updating website is going to have a lot more credibility with patients as well as search engines.


III.)  Financial Options

A.)  You do a good job of making the range of payment options clear and accessible.

B.)  I would list at least two examples of insurance plans that you take, and perhaps even link to their webpages for SEO purposes.  Many people search for dentists based specifically on who will accept their insurance.  


IV.)  FAQs

A.)  The FAQs section is also canned.  This section should include dental questions that people ask, but also the questions you get at your practice on other topics.  Ask your front office staff what kind of questions people have for them.


V.)  Contact

A.)  Address could stand to be in the main heading, like the phone number.

B.)  Email address is easy for spammers to harvest.  


VI.)  The Team

A.)  Good page about the doctor.

B.)  The staff page should be a priority, as well.  Especially for patients who may have anxiety about seeing a dentist, the opportunity to feel like they can get familiar and comfortable with your practice can be a comforting and deciding factor.  

  1. No one else has your staff.  Take advantage of the opportunity to set yourself apart from the herd.

VII.)  Testimonials

A.)  Customer testimonials or references to positive reviews are a great way to add fluff.  That kind of thing is far more meaningful when it’s coming from the voice of an objective party.  

B,)  Press, when available is a great thing to link to.  This helps with patient perception and SEO.


VIII.)  Patient Education

A.)  This is key to establish yourself as an authority and provide a vehicle through which you can continuously add content.  

  1. This can include tips for home care, information about your services, or arguments for why your approach and methods are superior to certain alternatives.

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