Dental Practice Website Review: Montgomery Dental Medicine

I.)  The Numbers

A.)  Domain Authority

  1. This is the single greatest factor that will determine search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Domain Authority for your site is 17, which is a little below average.

B.)  Load Speed

  1. Your average load speed is about 2.4 seconds.  That’s a bit less than ideal for optimum SEO, but it could be worse.  

C.)  Keywords

  1. Sleep, Dental, and Dentist are the keywords you’re currently getting the most mileage out of.

a.)  The tabs on your homepage also emphasize TMJ and dental cosmetics, but your site is not particularly associated with these keywords.

b.)  Currently your site appears on pages 2 through 7 of results when searching various combinations of those keywords for Cincinnati.

  1. Montgomery is your main location keyword, but that is a rather small market and you are still in the middle of the pack for search results in Montgomery.
  2. Being holistic puts you in a relatively unique and marketable niche, but there is no use of holistic search terms in the text on your homepage.


II.)  Homepage

A.)  I like the images you use; they fit well with the color scheme of the site and your logo.

  1. I noticed the landscape surrounding your practice is very green, so this feel seems appropriate for you.
  2. The font and format of your text does give your site a bit of an outdated feel.

B.)  You do a good job of introducing a lot of commonly searched terms, but the information is presented in a disorganized manner.  

  1. There is not much keyword value in your text headings.

a.)  Putting the city in the main heading is good, but the name of your practice doesn’t give you much SEO value.

b.)  You have a great slogan that sets you apart from most other dental practices, but it doesn’t have any keyword value for search terms, so it shouldn’t be your heading.

c.)  Contact us is a main text heading, which does nothing for your SEO.

  1. You have some good SEO terms and keywords in the text below  the picture of your practice, but it’s in graphic form, so it can’t be recognized by search engine crawlers.
  2. There are numerous redundancies.

a.)  The three links in your main text body are to the same pages as your tabs.

b.)   Your phone number appears four times on the homepage, and the address more than once.  That’s great information to have constant on all of your pages, but once is plenty.

C.)  Your homepage shouldn’t be your ‘Contact Us’ page.

  1. There should be a tab for this at the far right of your main heading.
  2. Listing your email address and fax number make you vulnerable to spammers.

D.)  The links in the bottom left portion of your site are not functional.

IV.)  Content and Organization.

A.)  The content from your ‘A Different Way’ tab would be a good foundation for your homepage if it was retooled slightly to put more emphasis on your targeted keywords.

B.)  The best way to increase domaine authority for any site is to have original, valuable and continually updating content.  

  1. It is imperative to have your website on a content management system that allows you or your site manager to add and update your content on a regular basis.  

C.)  Talking about the services and products you offer is the best way to add content and value to your site.  

  1. Writing a separate article for each of your products and services is a good idea.  
  2. Embedding links where appropriate will improve user experience and help to add credence to your site as an authority.

a.)  For example, you should link to Snap-On Smile where you mention them on your cosmetic page.  

b.)  Embedding the links in context rather than listing them separately will improve user experience.

  1. It’s important that your content be original if it’s going to increase your domain authority.  Canned or recycled content like you have on your ‘Sleep Apnea’ page is of little value.  

D.)  Having information and images of your staff and practice are a great way to help new patients feel comfortable about scheduling with you.  

  1. You have great information about your practice and staff, but it is spread throughout numerous pages.  

a.)  Info about your staff is under patient information and info about your practice is in a submenu of your ‘Home’ tab.

i.)  Generally the Home tab doesn’t have a submenu

c.)  Recommend consolidating this information under an ‘about us’ tab.

i.)  You have an exceptional patient testimonial page.  The ‘about us’ tab would be a good place for that.  You might also make special mention of this with an extra link on your homepage, since your testimonials are so good.

  1. You could benefit from having more pictures of your staff and the inside of your practice.

E.)  Insurance and financing options are a major determining factor for many patients, so it would be good to have that more clearly labeled with its own tab in the submenu of ‘Patient Information.’

  1. ‘Patient Information’ submenu would also be a good place for an FAQ section, which your site is currently lacking.  
  2. This would also be a good place for general tips and patient education.  Providing valuable information for free is a great way to ingratiate yourself to potential patients while also establishing yourself as an authority.

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